Rogers Residence

This Spring Island residence centers around the story of sun and rain in the Lowcountry. Sunny days are captured using an array of rooftop solar panels, powering the house. Meanwhile, the entrance courtyard springs to life during stormy weather. Raised drip line troughs gather stormwater from the roof, channeling the water through gravel swales to an extensive rain garden complete with native bog plants. A network of wood bridges and gravel paths guide visitors to the house through both rain and sun. The courtyard is enclosed by a contemporary vine fence and flanking a striking custom pergola and gate designed by Frederick + Frederick Architects. The back yard has been restored to the site’s original native grass meadow, disturbed only by a quite nature trail snaking down to a pond deck, etched into the shoreline. Near the rear of the house, nestled in among the native grasses, a simple Carolina Kettle fire pit sits quietly, inviting guests outdoors on a cool evening.

Location: Spring Island, South Carolina

Completion Date: 2019