Baruch Residence

This project honors the innovative master plan for the development of the entirety of Spring Island, on behalf of a client who is committed to sustainable landscape goals and the use of native plants.

Verdant delivered this project in two phases, the first of which began in 2000. The home and grounds continue to evolve. The first phase included the siting of a house and garage structure on a half-acre lot with deference to a grand live oak tree. The second phase began in 2005 with the creation of a native plant demonstration garden on the adjacent half acre lot.

The goals for the landscape design where predicated on preserving the beautifully-wooded embankment overlooking a salt water creek and on a reinterpretation of the flora and fauna on what was predominantly a disturbed horse pasture. Recreational opportunities such as benches, nature trails, patios and dock access were nestled within a diverse, multi-layered, semi-tropical and almost entirely native landscape.

Regionally-specific hardscape includes the use of tabby and hardpan, eastern red cedar, various pervious aggregates such as river pebbles and shell-sand, blending with more traditional elements such as brick, stone and wood. The grades, slope aspects, and moisture gradients were subtly sculpted to provide for a maximum diversity of distinct native plant communities. Special features of this ecotype garden include hard-pan seat walls, a sun pocket, a weeping wall, a rustic tool shed and a swale/bog system.

This garden is now used as a regional education tool and has inspired the creation of a native plant nursery.

Location: Spring Island, SC

Completion Date: 2013