Our Services

Verdant Enterprises offers comprehensive landscape design services from concept through construction, planting and maintenance. We are landscape architects with twenty-six years of experience in environmental design, sustainable design and site and master planning.

We create detail-rich outdoor living environments that capitalize on the particular qualities and ecologies of your property. From mailboxes to master plans, what makes Verdant Enterprises unique is a design process that considers both the owner’s program and budget in the context of a comprehensive site analysis.

Our experts will study your property in depth, recording ecotypes, noting unique plant communities and analyzing site opportunities and constraints. These include environmental influences such as botanical cover, solar azimuth, wind aspect and moisture gradient, all of which inform an appropriate and environmentally-sensitive design response.

Verdant specializes in the creative use of native plants amid traditional Southern favorites; innovative stormwater recovery and management; regionally astute hardscape design; outdoor living spaces; and custom architectural detailing.