Outdoor Lifestyles

At Verdant, we specialize in creating total lifestyle environments. That means creative outdoor features that bring people together on the land, because ultimately, landscape design is all about having fun on a place you love.

Regionally-specific custom detailing:

True to our Southern heritage, we favor the use of wood, brick, tabby, metal and various aggregates.  We often design with found objects such as logs, stumps or artifacts, recycled materials, and materials unique to the specific project environment. We have used:

    • Shell sand – glistens in the moonlight
    • Hardpan – a unique sedimentary rock
    • Eastern red cedar with bark – durable and beautiful
    • Savannah grey brick – a classic
    • River rock – mimics natural stream systems
    • Tabby – a historic Lowcountry twist on traditional concrete

Outdoor features encourage healthy families:

We can design a range of outdoor architecture to fit your particular style and location, including:

    • Decks and patios
    • Fire pits, outdoor kitchens and grilling areas
    • Swimming pools
    • Arbors, pergolas, and trellises
    • Water features
    • Playgrounds, tree houses and forts
    • Nature trails and seating nodes
    • Bridges, benches and swings
    • Sheds, gazebos and outbuildings

Beech _ tabby and brick firepit

What sets Verdant apart?

Every landscape offers cues to suggest a palette of hardscape materials and our team is ever alert to these site-specific opportunities.

We emphasize readily available materials such as yellow pine and seek local suppliers, per LEED® standards. We also ensure that our suppliers and specialty contractors produce the quality and workmanship that our discriminating clients have come to expect.

The result is hardscapes and outdoor features that are visually integrated into their surroundings and responsive to the unique personal lifestyles of our clientele.