About Us

Verdant Enterprises is a full service landscape architecture firm in our seventeenth year of business. Based in the heart of downtown Savannah, Georgia, we serve a three-state area that includes Georgia and the Carolinas.

We were green before it was cool to be green: our goal is to balance wildness and civilization through careful study of natural systems and artful interpretations of an owner’s program on the land. Click to view our projects.

Whether your needs are upscale or down-home, residential or commercial, we can work on most any scale and within most any budget. The question is: what do you see when you look out of the window and dream?

While we are regionally recognized for our knowledge of ecology and indigenous plant material, over the years, we have developed a range of expertise in creating a strong sense of connection between people and a place. Read more about our design philosophy.

We serve:

  • Charleston and the Lowcountry, Savannah and the southeastern coastal plain from Wilmington to Jacksonville.
  • Island communities such as Bray’s Island, Spring Island and Palmetto Bluff.
  • Piedmont to the foothills, including the ACE Basin and plantation regions, the rural “hinterlands” and farm properties.
  • The southern Appalachian Mountains from Highlands and Cashiers to Linville, including Asheville and Boone.